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We Prove the medical and scientific
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Since 1985

At Cohen Medical Consulting, our goal is to help you & your attorney understand whether the medical treatment you received was up to standard.

If you believe that you were the victim of medical negligence, we will help you understand the medical issues in your case. We are not attorneys.

We are medical doctors with over thirty years of experience in analyzing complicated medical issues and helping our clients determine if they suffered bad consequences & permanent injuries due to medical negligence.

Meet our Doctors

Dr. Ziv Cohen
Dr. Ziv Cohen

Ziv Cohen, M.D. is Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Cornell University. He earned his medical degree at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and completed his psychiatry training at Cornell Medical Center and Columbia Medical Center. Dr. Cohen has served as…

Dr. Michael Cohen
Dr. Michael Cohen

Dr. Michael Cohen earned his medical degree at the University of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. He completed postdoctoral research and training at the National Institutes of Health in the field of pharmacology.  He has worked in the medical-legal field for…

Our Services

We provide careful and thorough review of prospective potential claims. Our review is scientific and medical. We are not acting as attorneys. We provide medical analysis which help you as a client and/or your attorney realize whether or not you have a meritorious claim for money damages based on whether or not your injuries were caused by the failures of your healthcare providers and/or the products and mechanical devices and medications used in your treatment.

If we determine that your case is meritorious in our view we assist you in finding an attorney who can represent you in the entire USA. We also help attorneys who need assistance with the scientific medical understanding of the case and we help secure the assistance of top medical experts to write reports and testify on behalf of the clients.

We are the BEST at what we do! We provide prompt assistance and prompt answers you and your attorneys don’t pay for any of our work consulting and advice until you have a satisfactory result by either settlement of verdict of your claim.


  • I have represented many clients with Dr. Cohen settled most of them and tried some too. At every stage of a case Dr. Cohen was right by my side, his views and assistance is invaluable and profound. In cases which other counsel have rejected he comes up with novel approaches and directions toward a successful resolution. To go to war with him at your side, is like having the best of the best soldier to enter a fox-hall and fight until you win.

    Charles Work Esq. MacDermott, Will & Emory

  • I have tried many medical and pharmaceutical negligence cases with the assistance of Dr. Cohen: Dr. Cohen is an asset in prosecution of medical scientific cases, because he is a true teacher and student of both medicine and the sciences and in addition truly understands the Court Room, the judges, juries and the art of presenting a complex case in simple terms to the legal system. He gets the best experts and helps the lawyers understand the critical medical questions. I say that the better the lawyer, the more he can benefit from Dr. Cohen's input, which in my cases made the total difference in outcome! Dr. Cohen reviewed my cases at the outset and prevented my taking invalid cases. Once a case was signed up he produced a novel accurate scientific evaluation, helped with discovery issues and guided me through depositions, affidavits, motions and even jury selection, to sit at my side during the trial itself."

    Oren Lewis Jr. Lead counsel in Fishermen of Northern VA and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation against Allied Chemical Corporation

  • "I retained Dr. Cohen from his lab in the NCI, NIH to evaluate the medical condition of the fishermen and their families who where exposed to Kepone toxicity after Allied Chemical Corporation had dumped 40 thousand pounds of this undegradeable toxin into the Chesapeake Bay water.  Within one year Dr. Cohen organized medical evaluations for 70 thousand fishermen and their families and proved the significant injuries and damages to this group. But remarkably, Dr. Cohen was able to assemble a multidisciplinary group of scientists from Marine biologists to geologists and oceanography experts to examine the consequences to the Chesapeake Bay and come up with a full program to rescue the Chesapeake Bay, a National Treasure".

    Oren Lewis Jr. Lead counsel in Fishermen of Northern VA and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation against Allied Chemical Corporation

  • In Friends f or All Children, which involved 150, children survivors of an explosive decompression of the C5a Galaxy airplane at 24 thousand feet when the AFT door fell out of the airplane Dr. Cohen directed the medical examination of all these orphans world-wide in their adoptive families Sister Rosemary Taylor who saved all the children wrote to the presiding Federal Judge: "Dr. Cohen is a man who understands all people and therefor he was able to work and develop the claims of all the children in all their countries in a fashion that made their case presentations in court highly scientific and unbelievably compelling".

    Testimony of Sister Rosemary Taylor Director of FFAC in FFAC VS USA and Lockheed Corporation

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