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Our Services

We provide careful and thorough review of prospective potential claims. Our review is scientific and medical. We are not acting as attorneys. We provide medical analysis which help you as a client and/or your attorney realize whether or not you have a meritorious claim for money damages based on whether or not your injuries were caused by the failures of your healthcare providers and/or the products and mechanical devices and medications used in your treatment. If we determine that your case is meritorious in our view we assist you in finding an attorney who can represent you in the entire USA. We also help attorneys who need assistance with the scientific medical understanding of the case and we help secure the assistance of top medical experts to write reports and testify on behalf of the clients.

The process is as follows:

1. You c all us to review the case.

2. We obtain information from you on the nature of your case and your injuries.

3. We submit your intake form to our physicians for review.

4. We tell you verbally if we are interested to review your medical information.