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1. Does the Cohen Group represent me?

No you are represented by your attorney! We can not represent you in court. We are not lawyers. We are doctors of medicine. We help your attorneys understand the medical technical issues of your case and we help secure expert reports and opinions for presentation of your case in court. We are at the side of your attorney from the start of the case through settlement discussions and all the way through trial. We help with strategy of presentation of your case, with learned literature on your case with injury assessments Independent Medical Examinations of you, with trial exhibit preparations and all other aspects of your technical medical case. Your attorney represents you in court and is your address for all your questions and discussions.

2. What is the statute of limitations?
Civil cases for monitory damages have to be filed in court within a short time period after a negligent act leading to an injury(t). After this period your claim is barred and you have lost it totally. So, knowing your case’s last date for filling in court is of utmost importance. Typically the Statute of Limitations is either 1, 2 or 3 years.
 3. How does the statute of limitations effect my case review with the cohengroup?
 If you are represented by a lawyer he will be responsible to watch your statute of limitations and file the case in a timely fashion. If you are submitting the records for our review and evaluation before you have a lawyer, we will check the statute of limitations date for you and advise you of it in writing. Ideally we will find a qualified lawyer for you rapidly to represent you in court. If the statute of limitations is very close to the time of submission of the case to us, we may not be able to help you in a timely way and we will notify you of this immediately, so that you can take an action to protect your claim from being lost due to late filing.
4. How does the Cohen Group evaluate my case?
Our work-product is a series of technical opinions. Our opinion/view is a scientific medical technical assessment as to whether we think  you have a meritorious claim, or not. If you decide to retain us and we accept your claim, as one we want to work on, we enter a representation and a fee agreement. After we have entered into a signed fee agreement we will work with your attorney or help you find a qualified attorney to represent you in court. We will retain specialists for court purposes, these are qualified experts of medicine, in  the specialty areas of your case, who are technically qualified to testify in court regarding your treatment, diagnosis and management of your care. We also consult with product experts and or medication, pharmacology and pharmacy experts who can provide opinions to the courts in your case. The experts will work closely with us and with your attorney to provide their unbiased truthful opinions in your case
5. If you decide not to take my case, does that mean that I don’t have a valid claim?
 No! Opinions vary in medical/scientific evaluation of injury cases. When we reject a case it only means that we are not willing to work on the case, nothing more than that. You can and we recommend that you do, go to get a second opinion from other qualified MDs about the issues in your case and whether or not you have a viable personal injury claim
6– When do I have to pay for your services? How about the initial evaluation?

We are paid for our services at the end of your case when you have a judgement in your favor or a settlement. The fee is part of our engagement contract which we enter only after we review your medical records and decide that we want to assist you in your case. We don’t work for you until we have such a written agreement properly executed. For the initial evaluation you are not charged any fees by us. And we will provide you with our opinions regarding your case, free of charge. During your representation and assistance by us, you will be asked to reimburse our expenses, only and that at the end of your case, when you have secured your money damages.

7- Who pays for the expert evaluations?

Typically your attorney advances the expert fees and is reimbursed them at the end of the case from the gross funds recovered on your behalf. Expert reports are essential for the successful prosecution of your case. These reports are expensive and are based on expert hourly fees which depends on the volume of records your case presents, with and on the complexity of the case as well.